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Literature and Politics


The 3rd annual conference of

The Australasian Association for Literature


University of Sydney

Monday July 6 -Tuesday July 7 2009


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Keynote Speakers:
Professor Steven Connor (Birkbeck College, University of London)
Professor Andrew Milner (Monash University)
Gail Jones (University of Western Sydney)
Kiarina Kordela  (Macalester College, USA)

The productive intersection of literature and politics has invigorated both fields from Plato’s utopian blueprint, The Republic ,to Barack Obama’s inauguration speech. Across forms and modes, history and place, through literary practice and theory, politics has challenged writers, readers and critics to think productively about the worlds in which they live, how these worlds came into being, and what the future might (or should) hold. Simultaneously, literature has long depicted and dissected the very meat of politics: power, war, revolution, nationality, race, class, gender, industrialisation, diasporas and imperialism. More recently, the politics of sexuality, the environment, terrorism, the holocaust and indigeneity have excited creative and critical interest. Literature continues to prompt public and academic discussion about questions of agency and identity, social organization and ideology, propaganda and censorship, history and the imaginary new worlds.

‘Literature and Politics,’ the third annual conference of the Australasian Association for Literature, aims to promote and provoke informed discussion on these and other topics between established and emerging scholars (including postgraduate students).

Conference address: www.aal.asn.au/conference/2009
AAL address: www.aal.asn.au

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